Robyn ‘Be Mine’ Acoustic Performance

Robyn at Cherrytree RecordsRobyn posted an acoustic version of her song ‘Be Mine’, filmed at Cherrytree Records headquarters in Los Angeles. The track comes off the Swedish pop singer’s self-titled fourth album.

“It was so crazy,” Robyn said about her red carpet walk at an unspecified awards show. “I had this one dude asking me, I had the bird and he’s like, ‘What’s that? Is that a dove or a pigeon?’ I’m like no, it’s a robin. ‘Have you made the bird yourself?’ Like I was a kid. I was like no. ‘Oh, so what does your bird eat?’ That’s a weird question. It drinks champagne on ice.”

Robyn signs autographs during an in-store appearanceAsked whether she was there when her award was announced, Robyn confessed, “I messed up. I was gonna go to the ladies room, so I asked Martin do you think I’ll have time to go? He was like yeah, you’ll be fine. So I walked off to the bathroom, came back and the makeup girl Kate was like, ‘They just announced that you didn’t win.’ I was like what? She said, ‘Yeah I ran after you. I tried to find you.’ So I wasn’t there but that was good, you know. I just didn’t have to go through that whole thing of am I getting it or not, so it was good.”

Watch it below.

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