Rochelle Wiseman Not Happy With Student Rioters

Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays

Rochelle Wiseman of checked in with her Twitter followers (@RochelleTheSats) the other day, upset with student protesters/Socialist Worker who were blocking traffic in central London and delaying her ability to get to rehearsals for her upcoming ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ appearance. Roch writes:

Stuck in riot/demonstration traffic! Seriously annoying! I’ve got places to be people!!!!

I’d get out and walk if I knew how the hell to get there grrr.

I understand you have a point to prove but, it’s not everyone else’s fault!

Boris needs to have a little London sort out me thinks…

Check out the behavior of the rioters, who smashed windows and started fires in wake of tuition hikes as Britain takes measures to restrain their massive debt, via YouTube below.

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