Rodney Jerkins Gives Michael Jackson His Support

Michael Jackson’s friend and producer Rodney Jerkins has come forward in his support after the controversial documentary with Martin Bashir aired recently. Jerkins said in a statement, “We support our friend Michael Jackson. We believe that the recent documentary, Living With Michael Jackson, was a malicious, targeted character assassination that inaccurately portrays as someone who would hurt children and also as someone who is a neglectful parent.” The statement continued, “Nothing could be further from the truth! We have known Michael on a personal level for over five years, and in that time he has shown himself to us as loving, caring father, and a wonderful, kind-hearted, sensitive human being. Michael could never hurt a child and, on the contrary, has lovingly cared for the health and welfare of many children regardless of race, creed, or color…Martin Bashir, as the creator of this piece, has been able to twist and manipulate, in a negative way, what was seen by the public…Our hope is that all of Michael’s worldwide friends and fans, in and out of the musical community, will come together to support him at this painful time.”

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