Rodney Jerkins Talks About You Rock My World… Michael’s Latest

With the song You Rock My World debuting last Friday, fans have gotten there first taste of in quite awhile and the song’s producer, Rodney Jerkins talked to Reuters about the album.

Jerkins admits of the first track released, “It’s like Michael back to the melodies It makes you want to dance. It’s a feel-good song.” Jerkins talked of Michael’s return to the studio saying, “I’ve never heard Michael sing so incredibly well. It was just something about him being in that studio, but he just went crazy and let go in that studio.”

The new album, Invincible, is slated for release overseas Oct. 29 and in North America on Oct. 30. Jerkins said the $30 production figure for the album “sounds about right” which means big pressure on Sony to come through with a hit with the album.

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