Rogue Traders Hope For October Radio Release For New Single

James Ash of checked in with fans on the British-Australian dance-electro band’s blog at MySpace (@roguetraders) on Thursday (August 20), talking about what they’ve been up to. Ash writes:

As some of you may have heard – our original guitarist Tim Henwood has returned to the Rogue’s and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back!

On the song front we are down to choosing between two songs for our 1st single…

The one we expect to be single #1 has been delayed from immediate consideration because of us having to wait for something quite exciting to occur first… (I know – damn confusing – but all WILL become clear in time…. And no, it’s nothing to do with clearing samples) Once this event occurs, nothing should be holding us back from moving IMMEDIATELY… Realistically, though, I think we are looking at a radio release in October now.

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