Rosie O’Donnell Blasts Michael Jackson During Stand-Up

The New York Post reports Rosie O’Donnell went off on Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Anne Heche and Sharon Stone during a stand-up show at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Conn., Saturday night. On Jacko, she fumed, “ wanted to speak to me, but I didn’t because I don’t speak to pedophiles. He’s a freak, and I don’t mean that in a nice way . . . He’s cream-colored and has no nasal passages whatsoever. He doesn’t look human. Did he look into the mirror one day and say, ‘Perfect?'”

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8 thoughts on “Rosie O’Donnell Blasts Michael Jackson During Stand-Up

  1. Wes Drayton says:

    Wonder what she’s saying now

  2. Muffy223 says:

    Almost one month after Michael’s death Rosie O’Donnell wrote a page-long tribute to Michael which was partially read on Entertainment Tonight on 7/21/2009. When asked to comment on it Rosie claimed she was just too choked up to discuss him, that she still gets emotional just thinking about his death. Sorry Rosie but your “heartfelt tribute” to Michael is totally cancelled out by your horrific comments made during your standup routine. In the future perhaps you shouldn’t try to get laughs in your comedy act at others’ expense. It may just bite you right in the behind in the future.

  3. Carol Vezina says:

    I have never heard comments so cruel I thought that people where innocent until Proven guilty and I guess that the fact that this young Man was naive enough to believe that people would understand that he was trying to follow Gods word in the bible that said surround your self with children see things as children do the fact that tried to do this and help many many children was in fact used to crucify him God said let the first Man or Woman who has never sinned throw the first stone ,Well I guess that would be you Rosie shame on you and you are a Mother with children you should know better ,I only hope that Micheal’s children never hear your disgusting unforgivable comments the sad thing is if Micheal was Alive he would probably tell people to forgive you so live with that no longer a fan Carol.

  4. MJ's DarkChild says:

    This one is quite rough. Don’t know what to say. I am at a great loss for words. How cruel can you get? Michael Jackson loved all people; he didn’t have an evil bone in his entire body. The comments Ms. O’Donnell made about Michael are outrageous and heart breaking. I am pass heartbroken. I can’t find the words to describe how I feel about her “Stand Up” Attack; that is what it was. It is because of people like her and the media why Michael felt so all alone. If it wasn’t for his family and fans he would have probably checked out of here a long time ago. What if he would have called her some nasty names; which many people did and still do. But Michael wasn’t one of them; he would ask all of us to “Forgive Her”, which would be the right thing to do. What did he ever do to her or any of the people who talked about him badly? Michael would want me to forgive you Ms. O’Donnell and I do. However, I will not forget that you were one of the people that made him feel like an outsider in a place he didn’t belong anyway. He was too good for Hollywood. Michael Jackson loved God and was given favor by God before Him, Kings and men, in general. He was the “Greatest Entertainer” who ever lived and people treated him like trash. He was a “Precious Jewel” and people hated him because he was so loved by millions. Some of us should hope to be loved by at least two or three people, not to mention millions.
    You will “Reap” what you have “Sown”. You should have kept that tribute to Michael you read on Entertainment Tonight; it is of no value. God bless you is all I must say.

  5. VanessaL says:

    I want to start off with my comment is well over a year, but as I was doing some research I came upon this. This was so uncalled for. Ms. O’Donnell, I know that you are a comedian and your job is jokes. But this was a human being you were referring too. You had no right to attack Mr. Jackson in that way. And coming from you, you are one that should have understood the feeling of hurt if Mr. Jackson was to had read this. You live the kind of life a lot of peoples don’t understand, but wouldn’t it hurt you to open the paper everyday and see your name and what a lot of peoples are saying about you, and you know it’s not true. It would hurt wouldn’t it?? Well this is what Mr. Jackson had to live with in his last few years on this earth. Peoples could call you a freak, and you are butchie, for your way of living. So why did you think it was ok to call Mr. Jackson a pedophile, you didn’t see him in know kind of action to make that statement. Then you say he has no nasal passages, and he’s cream color,a freak, why did you not want to speak to him?? Maybe if you had put your jokes to the side and gave the man a chance, you might would have learn something, but that was your lost, you thought it was must safer to made wise jokes of a human being that never would have say anything bad about you no matter what your life style is. You peoples are really something else when it come to destroying someone. Rosie I would like to know that after you said all of this about Michael, you turn around and tried to play on the public that you where really hurt by Mr. Jackson death, did you not remember what you had said about him???? I say to you Ms. O’Donnell, clean up around your own home before trying to clean someone else’s………

  6. klk says:



  7. Chillwill says:

    Rosie simply proves that she is like the rest of the fake ones in Hollywood. While Michael was alive, he was a despicable pedophile, now that he is dead, she is touched and loved him so. What a load of bull. Rosie is such a mean-spirited person. I always felt that sweet act of hers was just that; an act. I never bought the nice Rosie. I thought coming out of the closet was supposed to be liberating. Well, I guess in Rosie’s case it was liberating, too. It allowed her to stop making nice and be the hateful lesbian that she is. She is one person that I do not watch or listen to. If she makes a guest appearance on a television show there’s a good chance that I won’t watch it. Not because of her performance, but because of how she behaves. When given a script, she is ok. as performer, but when given free reign such as stand-up, talk show or interne, she is a hypocritical terror. There is something wrong with her. She needs help. No one should be this nasty. And it’s not just about Michael, it is about her as a whole. She acts as if no one should disagree with her. If they do, she tears into them like fire. I pity people such as her. Regardless of the fame or the children that she adopted, something is missing in this woman’s life. But before she writes anymore heartfelt testimonials, I suggest Ms. O’Donnell look back at what she has said in the past. This simply reveals that this is another phony. Using someone’s death to get a little attention for herself. How needy can one be?

  8. Stephanie Marie says:

    How the hell is this bitch gonna talk sh** about Michael, then turn around and write a “Heartfelt” poem about him and say how she was so hurt by his passing and that she loves him and misses him??? Hypocritical Bitch…

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