Rosie Rips Ripa For Ripping Co-Host Aiken

‘The View’ co-host Rosie O’Donnell lashed out at ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ co-host Kelly Ripa when she accused Ripa of making a “homophobic” remark towards ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up Clay Aiken. O’Donnell said that Ripa was “homophobic” for her scolding of Aiken when he co-hosted her show the other day and playfully put his hand over her mouth, prompting Ripa to snap, “I don’t know where that hand has been.” The attack prompted an enraged Ripa to call into the program to defend herself. Later Fox News Channel ‘The Big Story’ host John Gibson offered his take.

Clay Aiken’s Attitude Rubs Kelly Ripa The Wrong Way

November 20, 2006 – Clay is in hot water with Kelly Ripa after appearing as co-host on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Friday (November 17). The singer wasn’t happy when they played a clip of Kelly impersonating Aiken on Halloween a few years, and he later put his hand on Ripa’s mouth when she attempted to ask guests Cheryl Burke and Emmit Smith a question.

Video footage of Clay’s behavior at TMZ has since been removed. Watch footage of Kelly’s reaction this morning at YouTube.

Tyra Banks: I’m A ‘Clay-frican American’

November 16, 2006 – Tyra Banks sent out an e-mail update to those on her ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ mailing list earlier today, complaining about her bad breath. She then wrote, “Someone that has the freshest clean smelling breath is Clay Aiken. I know because he came on my show, and I had one of the most fun interviews with him that I have ever had. I am so in love with him. He is so funny, loving and just darn amazing. He even sang with me. Yes, we did a duet. I was awful. He sounded like an angel. Clay has the most loyal fans in the world. They call themselves ‘Claymates’. I told Clay I am a “Clay-frican American,” meaning that I am an African American that loves Clay Aiken. Get it? You gotta see how much fun we had. The show airs next Wednesday, November 22nd.”

Clay Aiken Visits KIIS FM’s ‘On With Ryan Seacrest’

November 15, 2006 – Clay was in the KIIS FM studios in Los Angeles to talk with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday (November 14) to promote his holiday symphony tour. Clay talked about burying placentas in the yard, his long hair, choosing to live in North Carolina, the covers album ‘A Thousand Different Ways’, his “Claymates”, how both he and Ryan are always the butt of comedian’s jokes, and more. The 12 1/2 minute interview audio at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Rosie Rips Ripa For Ripping Co-Host Aiken

  1. Joshus says:

    I love Rosie, but with that being said, she stepped over the line. That comment was not meant has a jab against Clay’s gay-ness. I’m sure she meant it as “Your a man, men touch parts of their body with their hands, and I don’t want that anywhere near my face.” Now why she’s saying the whole “cold and flu season” is why she said it. That prob. something her people made her say.

  2. galleta says:

    I use to like Rosie, but she has become fat, nasty and rude lately. She’s outed Clay and that was not her job.

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