Round-Up Of The VMAs

Contributed by pinky411:

Did anyone else notice that Justin Timberlake didn’t even look or talk to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when they handed him the award? You could even see Mary-Kate look at Ashley and shrug her shoulders. And when he went up to take another one of his awards he didn’t even look at his fans he just shook their hands without even looking them in the eye?

Britney, Christina and Madonna. Need I say more. Three of the most talented performers in the business on one stage. Britney and Christina did an amazing performance and tribute to Madonna by singing Like a Virgin. The jaw dropping kiss by Britney and Madonna, although Madonna kissed Christina too it just seemed so much greater when she kissed Britney.

Missy Elliot did a teary tribute to Aaliyah. Which everyone loved.

Beyonce and Jay-Z. Great performance but as the Black Eyed Peas (who weren’t present) say…Where Is the Love?

Eminem making fun of himself? Woah! Never thought I’d see that day!

What is with the Missy Elliot and Adidas? Can’t she wear something from the Gap?

Justin won many times but I loved his honorary award to Johnny Cash and the way he presented Coldplay. He won for Cry me a River but I mean that video caused so much controversy I would give it an award too!

Chris Rock. Hilarious. I was laughing through the roof when I heard him.

50 Cent and Vivica. Props to you!

All in all, there was no kiss between Lisa Marie and Michael. There was between Britney and Madonna. It wasn’t just Madonna singing not that innocent “Like a Virgin”. It was Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears with some Missy Elliot and Hollywood stuck in there. Great show!

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11 thoughts on “Round-Up Of The VMAs

  1. partytime says:

    the performance was great I was like oh my god they did not kiss then I had to get out of my seat and dance to cause it was off the hook who ever said Christina is fat they need to take a look at her she is the smallest of them all I read on she wears a size 2 if that is fat something is wrong with the usa

  2. jimmypee says:

    LOL why you always got to post a BRITNEY fans viewpoint? Christina OWNED that performance. she out sang and out-sexified those other two. Britney sounded like absolute *****e, and even had to lip synch at first. she was LAME. even Madonna was into Christina WAY more than Britney. Britney was like a spare wheel.

  3. hotstuff says:

    Ok I noticed how Christina was trying so hard to get down with Madonna, probably part of the act but who knows. and Britney’s outfit definitely fit the theme of Like A Virgin a lot more. Tina’s was like lingerie almost but n e ways. how lucky can we fans get? a performance tonight and a week later another one! Woo Hoo! regardless of the big winners, other performances and the hosting I’m positive this is the performance people could not stop thinking/talking about. you’d think just because it was the opening act, its a 3 hour show and people would have forgotten about it. doubtful. I was recording it and I wanted it to finish already so I could watch it again =D

  4. leodude666 says:

    I loved it! GO MADONNA ! No Britney and Christina probably aren’t bi, it was a performance okay. I can’t wait to see it again because that was the best performance ever! Madonna looked hot and Christina looks better than ever!!! I loved the kiss! yeah MADONNA!

  5. Angel_M says:

    I don’t like Justin, he is so full of himself. But Christina is another story…DAMN, did she look AMAZING or what?!? I think she has such a beautiful body and she just looked so hot….wow, I mean, she was so AWESOME!

  6. hotstuff says:

    jimmypee, Christina was trying so damn hard to strut her stuff it wasn’t even funny and she was so incredibly of during the dancing. she was trying so hard to get down with Madonna and Madonna had to go along with it so obviously it looked as if Madonna was more into her. and if J.lo had been able to make it they would have probably never even given Christina a second thought. she was just a back-up. Madonna invited Brit/J.lo to plan the performance. oh and btw, her second one sucked a.s.s too.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    Hmmm sorry jimmypee, what did you say before about how Christina would NEVER perform with Britney, and Christina and Britney hate each other? lol. moron. Anyways…I always knew Christina was a lesbian.

  8. justanotherbtch says:

    Justin won 3 awards!!!!! Britney sounded so *****ing bad, I can’t stand the *****. Christina did great thou.. umm Eminems thing with that muppet with *****ing funny, Eminem is great. 50 cent looked good. he sounded pretty good too. Good Charlotte are such cuties, I don’t know but I’m glad they won something. JUSTIN WON 3 AWARDS!

  9. adri0284 says:

    She was trying hard and Madonna just went along with it? God you fans are deluded when it comes to your idols. Madonna hardly paid any attention to Britney, period. End of story. Who knows why, isn’t Madonna bi? It seemed like she just wanted to take Christina home with her! On the other hand Britney was like someone said here, just a spare wheel. One more thing, is Britney out of shape? She danced terribly. She’s a good dancer, so I was surprised.

  10. hotstuff says:

    yes– the fact that Madonna chose Britney to do this tribute with her shows that she has/had no interest in her. *rolls eyes* obviously Madonna had to go along with Christina because what the hell was she suppose to do, they were on live television, its not something you can just edit out. and a spare wheel, sorry sweetie but Britney was part of this tribute long b-4 Christina got into the mix and same with Missy. if anybody was a spare wheel/filler- in it was Xtina. J.lo should have been there not her because she already had a performance in. Britney out of shape? ha–right. the dancing in the performance was like a square dance for Britney, easy and simple.

    damn– Christina looked like a modern day version of Frankenstein’s Bride. I’m just surprised she didn’t get any bronzer on the wedding dress and by the way her tan looks like sh**

  11. miky says:

    am I the only one who thought the like a virgin performance was DISGUSTING! the *****es looked like they were in a porn lesbian movie. I hate to say this but it’s a good thing jho didn’t join that performance.

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