Royal Albert Hall Show Brings Jason Mraz To Tears

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Saturday ( 27) following a performance in London on Tuesday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Something happened during the final bow of the performance last night. The lengthy pose toward my floating feet sent a clean rush of blood to my face, stimulating the nerve endings in the scalp and flushed cheeks, thus activating the tear glands. By the time I stood upright there were wells of water about to breach the levees of my eyelids. I had good reason to be emotional. I had owned the silence in the illustrious Royal Albert Hall in London, a feat any lifer behind a microphone would consider a proud occasion, even if only for a few seconds.

Did this really happen? I asked my Self this question while doubled over in repose, calmly dodging the rounds of applause. It does happen. It did. And then came the realization standing up, “It is happening.”

In that moment the brain fought to figure out what next; sort of a fear mechanism designed by, “how am I gonna top this?” Ultimately gratitude seized the experience and won the battle inside and that moment became exactly what it was. A proud moment shared with the 3500 in attendance. The result of a day lived wholy and a song sung truthfully.


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One thought on “Royal Albert Hall Show Brings Jason Mraz To Tears

  1. Anne Pham says:

    =) Don’t worry Jason… it’s just the intensity of all past life times in one blow… This will eventually pass.. =) … It hurts a lot… hmmmz… =) being in focus and out of focus… You will break down or feel immense sadness once and awhile for no apparrent reason… Be patient… think about it and… let your imagination and especially your senses guide you. You will eventually be able to connect all the dots real soon. =) Your Michael Jackson blog… use his life and break it down… =) You will notice the difference. And oh! Colours… do take notice of them… sit back and just do some people watching… you will see what I see. =) I have no doubt.

    Cheers buddy.

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