Roz Bell ‘Papercut’ Video

is out with the music video to his new single ‘Papercut’, from the Canadian singer-songwriter’s debut album ‘The First Sunbeams’. Watch it and check out the album track listing below.

Roz Bell 'The First Sunbeams' album cover

Roz Bell ‘The First Sunbeams’ Track Listing:
1. Cali, Cry
2. Yesterday Man (I’m So Lonely)
3. The First Sunbeams (Interlude)
4. Love in the Back
5. Papercut
6. I Used to Lover Her
7. A Girl Named Crush
8. In the Bathroom
9. Jesus Janey
10. Feels Like Love
11. Fly on a Feelin’ (Interlude)
12. She’s So Excitable
13. We’ll Always Have the
14. The Greatest Tragedy

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