Ru Responds To Britney Spears’ ‘What About Them’ Comments

The Ru Report lashed out at after her interview in Newsweek, where the singer complained that Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles were not getting the same criticism as herself for dressing provocatively. Ru writes, “Maybe she has a bone to pick with the aforementioned esteemed female artists because they both are multiple Grammy award winners. And as she gives breath to her fourth CD, she’s so not one.”

The editorial at has since been removed.

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11 thoughts on “Ru Responds To Britney Spears’ ‘What About Them’ Comments

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    All of Britney’s albums sales ring circles around Christina’s and Beyonce’s sales so I doubt she’s ‘picking a bone’ based on career jealousy. HAH. And how important is a Grammy when people like the Baha Men have one? Maybe it’s cause I’m a little biased, but I just don’t think it’s as important as people make it seem. As for Britney’s comments, you have to put yourself in her shoes, I guess. I’d be a little irked if I always got the blame for everything. I’m glad she spoke up for herself.

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    The Ru Report? It should be the Who Report! Who gives a sh** what this person has to say. It’s like taking anybody’s comment from here who hates Brit. As for dressing sexy I don’t think Brit should have called anybody else out, but still she gets a lot of criticism unlike them. Especially Beyonce- wasn’t she miss God would never want me to dress like that? Then she has the nerve to say she’s not dressing sexy- that’s the way they dress in Africa. Please! “Maybe she has a bone to pick with the aforementioned esteemed female artists because they both are multiple Grammy award winners.” ^Brit can be very successful without any Grammys. Look at Mariah Carey, she only has two Grammys. Well, then again I guess Mariah can actually sing.

  3. hotstuff says:

    ^^ sorry but how is she insecure. what reasons are there for her to feel insecure about really? she’s beautiful, talented, admired, emulated, a millionairess with a bright and promising future ahead of herself. Britney should b very proud about herself and have no regrets. Shes living proof that dreams can come true and if you believe and work hard enough, they may just come true. She was performing at school shows and town fairs and now her own sold out concerts. seriously, think about what you say before you actually say it so maybe then you wont feel and look like a total dumbass. and the Grammy win, how incredibly superficial of them to mention that. it took Madonna a good 15 years to win her first Grammy and now she has 4 on her shelf. and whoever wrote this isn’t really in the place to judge ANYBODY because looking at the big picture your a no one. so take your 15 minutes of fame for what its worth.

  4. missxtina24 says:

    That article is so true and I like Christina and Beyonce way better then that sagging face frog looking whore Britney.

  5. hotstuff says:

    I’m kind of glad that its Britney because even tho she didn’t trademark that sexy look she is seen as re-inventing it and adding a lot of youthfulness to it. you don’t c people hating on Beyonce and Christina as much because when it comes to the sexiness Britney is the total risk taker and is just more captivating and more of an attention grabber. you wouldn’t c people hating on Beyonce and Christina as much because they just don’t make you stop and think about the issue the way Britney does whether it be good or bad. either way, Britney has obviously done something to grab this persons attention and make them think. like she said, when people get mad, its all the more reason to push the envelope even more.

  6. B0rntoplay says:

    Ouch, that was harsh. But really… Britney is not jealous of Christina or Beyonce. She may not have a Grammy, but she has sold so much more and made so much more money that I don’t think she cares. She wasn’t attacking Christina or Beyonce, she was attacking the unfair media. And I really don’t think the Grammy think is that impressive. Last year, a lounge singer took five home. How is that impressive?

  7. Madfan says:

    Jealousy, insecurity and bitterness. That’s what this is all about. X-Tina decided to be a slut. It worked. Now she’s known for it. Beyonce is very popular and has had many hits. Spears wants to be known as the sex goddess of pop. She wants 2 be popular and have hits too. But nobody is taking her seriously. X-Tina and Beyonce stole her dreams. Ouch! Well, if Britney’s so well-liked, how come it’s X-Tina and Beyonce who’s getting all the hits, awards, respect and popularity?

  8. xtinarox says:

    Christina is not a slut.. I don’t even know why people like you call her a slut,..well maybe that’s because you are so ignorant..LOL.. You don’t even know her in person and you are already judging people by their covers. YOU can’t never know for sure who one person is unless you actually meet her n get to know her..seriously, grow up..and yes even I agree that Beyonce and Christina didn’t sell much albums than Britney because that’s the fact and I can’t argue with that because if I do, I will be the ignorant person.

  9. onederwall760 says:

    I think this is such BS. Ru wants to make something out of nothing. The context of the quote is saying why do I get judged and they don’t. There is no bitterness. The question she is posing is why is there a double standard when it comes to me? Why don’t they bother them? She in no way is implying any animosity or jealousy towards them. People just want them all to hate each other.

  10. rachel says:

    Look at how the same for Britney fans post over and over again because they know there is no one else who likes her. Please the ho is a jealous person. When Beyonce said something about the kiss, all you bitches were like oh my she is so jealous and blah, blah. Same here. Why would Britney be jealous first of all Beyonce has proven to be popular than the bitch because the girl had the number 1 album all over the world in the same week, Crazy in love has been number 1 everywhere, Baby boy is number 6 weeks in a row today and DC is the most successful girl group ever, lets not forget Austin powers and all her other side things. The only thing that really hurts Britney the most is that Justin said publicly over and over again that Beyonce is the sexiest woman alive. Ouch, lets not get started on how she is jealous of Christina. You know why everyone thinks the girl can do no wrong its because remove all the makeup, slutty clothes and you’ll find that Christina is eventually about the music. Britney has no substance and I feel sorry for her that she would steep so low as to blame other people for her incongruities.

  11. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I cannot believe people are actually saying “it’s just the Grammys” what the f**k! the Grammys are the biggest achievements! it’s like the Oscars of music. name something that is better? The Grammys show what good music is. and trust me…Christina will be nominated this year.

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