Ruben’s Ulterior Motives In Britney Site Shutdown? reports’s Ruben Garay may have had other motives in shutting down his “fan” site. Garay had sold the domain to a businessman in Asia, who since then has him update and work on the site. Garay told presumably Larry Rudolph in an e-mail: “…he’s selling his business and entertainment network sites to a bigger company for over $3 million and WoB is going to be included in that deal. I asked him what was going to be done with it and he said ‘nothing’ because the new buyer was not even interested in WoB. I asked him what could be done for me to be able to keep the website and transfer 100% ownership to me and he told me I would have to buy it off from him for $50,000 or best offer. So, unless that happens, it is with 100% certainty that WoB will be lost when the sale goes live in January of 2007. Do you have any thoughts? Would you or Britney be interested in buying it off for me?” Britney’s people rejected the offer, and since then Ruben has blasted the singer’s recent behavior.

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