Rubio And Longtime Boyfriend Ricardo Bofill Have Balance

Paulina Rubio, seen here in a 'Border Girl' promo picture, talked about her boyfriend Ricardo Bofill

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post chatted with Paulina Rubio who opened up about her boyfriend and Miami architect and writer Ricardo Bofill, whom she’s been with for the last eight years, though still hasn’t married. “He is my love. We have many things in common, we have a life together and we have a balance,” Rubio said. “Lots of guys with an independent girl like me freak out. Ricardo supports my moment and that’s why we keep going together. He doesn’t cut my wings, he lets me fly.”

Paulina Rubio’s Life Is Music

June 27, 2002 – Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun spoke with Paulina Rubio who is in town to promote her new album ‘Border Girl’. Paulina explained her decision to wait so long to record an English album saying, “I think I wait because of my music. Because I think my music, it’s international right now. I grew up in different countries, that’s why ‘Border Girl’ is Paulina growing up in different cultures and how all that reflects into my life. My life is music — it’s the way I express myself to the outside world.”

Paulina Rubio Visits KISS 92 Toronto

June 27, 2002 – Billie from KISS 92 in Toronto hung out with Paulina Rubio today where the singer talked about her English debut ‘Border Girl’, growing up in a famous family, her bad acting, her website, what she’d do if she was invisible, her sexiest feature, and how she always gets in trouble. The audio has since been removed.

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