Rumors Abound That RJ Helton Will Get Axed

The ‘American Idol’ message boards are buzzing tonight with news that will get disqualified because he already has a record deal, having released an album called ‘RJay’ a few years ago through Dryden Entertainment. Curiously, both and have both had their content pulled saying ‘down for maintenance’ since the show began. A google cache of Dryden’s artist page on RJay says, “Dryden Entertainment is currently only representing one Artist. That is intentional because of the size of this project. Please see the Contact Us page for details on this subject. RJay is an 18 year old performer who mesmerizes audiences everywhere. His audiences have no age or cultural limits. RJay is waking up the industry with his unique style. His voice is by far one of the best in the industry today and when you see him live you just can’t get enough.”

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