RuPaul Meets Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

writes on his official website: “Tonight, my friend Sami invited me to a screening of ‘Guns and Roses’, the new western starring Lil’ Kim and Bobby Brown. During the film, I got up to go to the restroom, and as I approached the area where the restroom doors are, I saw Bobby standing in front of the door with 2 bodyguards. I rarely ever say hello to celebrities for fear of getting my feelings hurt, so I just walked on by, but before I could go in, Bobby said ‘Ru?…Bobby Brown!’ and I said ‘Hi, i’m Ru’ and we shook hands. As I turned to go into the mens room, Whitney was exiting the ladies room and our eyes met and we smiled. As the men’s room door closed behind me, I could hear Bobby telling Whitney that ‘that was RuPaul’. Next thing I knew and before I could do my thing, Bobby had come into the mens room and said ‘Ru, my wife wants to meet you’. I walked out into the hallway and there she was. She looked absolutely beautiful and healthy, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a low cut blouse under a leather blazer. She said ‘I love you… I love your work, man’ and I said ‘thank you… I love you, too’, as we smiled, shook hands and said goodbye.”

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