Ry Cuming On The Resource Consuming Journey Needed To Make Potato Chips

Ry Cuming

Australian singer songwriter takes readers on an important potato chip journey in his “Green” column for The Comet. Ry writes:

Everything we have, use, eat, spray and throw away has a journey. A journey we don’t see, one that takes a lot of energy, and one that we don’t really understand.

Lets take a packet of typical potato chips produced in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Now off to Idaho, Home of the Potato. Here we see usage of water to grow and wash the potatoes, and machinery and energy usage to pick and sort. There is very likely use of pesticides in this process too, which can run off into nearby waterways, or seep into the ground.

So we have potatoes. Then a truck drives these potatoes to the plant in Arizona, 970 miles away, using energy for this transportation, such as gas.

The post at thecomet.com has since been removed.

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