Ryan Cabrera Insists He’s Just Pals With Kimberly Caldwell

Us Weekly spoke with about the buzz linking him to ‘American Idol’ finalist . “Negative,” Cabrera said of the gossip. “I am still single, senor! We are friends, and people always think that if you hang out with someone more than once, you are together – but we are not dating!”

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2 thoughts on “Ryan Cabrera Insists He’s Just Pals With Kimberly Caldwell

  1. hooker says:

    I think, he has a point on that. once or twice seeing them hanging out together, don’t mean, they’re already dating. you made a good point ryan, on that, and, it is so unfair, branding them dating already, please press people, no malice into it, please. thank you!

  2. Michelle13105 says:

    Well, she would’ve been a better catch than Ashlee…or at least a more attractive one

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