Ryan Of ‘American Idol’ Doesn’t Like The Penis

‘American Idol’ co-host Ryan Seacrest was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn Tuesday. Ryan talked about ‘American Idol’ and how judge Simon Cowell has been flipping him off during the live shows, and how everyone who meets him keeps asking if he’s gay. Ryan said, “They ask me if I’m gay, no. If you’re gay. They say but dude, you highlight your hair and you like — you say you like to shop and go to the tanning bed and you like all these things, you must like the male penis, and it’s fine if you do like the male penis, but just because I do those things.” Read on for a rough transcript.

Craig: Welcome back. Our first guest is a nationally known radio and TV host shes and he’s currently hosting the hottest show on television, Fox’s “American Idol,” please welcome Ryan Seacrest!


Craig: Have a seat.

Ryan: So comfortable. Wait. Don’t say anything yet. I have to know about the underwear. Do you he anything on?

Craig: Why would you be fascinated by that?

Ryan: I don’t mean anything by it.

Craig: We’ll get to that later. No. “American Idol,” are you surprised at how big this thing is?

Ryan: Yeah. It’s cool because it’s the first show I’ve done where my friends actually pay attention and watch. My friend said dude, I saw you on the gig.

Craig: Because off lot, right?

Ryan: Yes. I have syndicated radio show and TNN show.

Craig: TNN is The Nashville Network.

Ryan: Used to be. Thanks for watching.

Ryan: Sometimes I do “Extra.” Like I do music interviews, and then “American Idol” on Fox. Ha anybody seen that?


Craig: Now, what is — we had on. She’s great.

Ryan: She’s hot.

Craig: She was very patient with this guy, Simon Cowell is kind of a knuckle ahead?

Ryan: Yes. He’s a little callous, tactless, kind a smart ass — ass-type.

Craig: Does he like you?

Ryan: Sometimes I think he likes me, other times — there’s this thing I heard about — a friend of mine said did you notice he’s been flicking you off in the show?

Craig: Flipping?

Ryan: Flicking — flipping. I think when I’m talking, he’ll rub his nose with the middle finger and the other night, I actually saw him flip me off on national television.

Craig: We have a clip. Here’s Simon.

Ryan: Simon. Danny. Danny on one, get a shot of Simon there. I know if we saw it — I believe I saw you, pretty boy, snapping and moving on national television for the first time ever.

Ryan: Yes.

Ryan: I saw the finger.

Ryan: Yes. It’s moving. Be right back. “American idol.” Stay with us

Ryan: I mean —

Craig: Now, you guys — why do you put up with that? choice. I have to be the nice host. I think he strategically did that because look, that was so patently obvious, and that was so obviously.

Craig: Do you guys hang out?

Ryan: Yes. You go out with the guy and he’s very recognizable. People think he’s honest.

Craig: He likes himself.

Ryan: He likes himself a lot. He loves the spotlight. You started in —

craig: You started in radio, right?

Ryan: Yea top nine at 5:00 coming up at 9:00.

Craig: 75 and assign outside.

Ryan: Wait. You have to do the time. It’s 5:45, that’s 15 minutes before k6. If you have to be there at 6:00, be there. Time temperature and call letters.

Craig: I remember roof it was the fewest. I got in trouble. You know
they have automated music and I played a six-minute Barry White song and they almost fired me because I was board to tears. Who are some of the people you have interviewed over the years that have been good or bad? Some of the rock stars?

Ryan: Some of the musicians, it was great to meet Sting.

[Applause] Craig: I —

Ryan: You’re a big music buff?

Craig: Dancing on the ceiling. That’s all you need to be.

Ryan: Say you say me? Craig: What was sting like?

Ryan: Very nice guy. They said it’s sting. Dot ask this or that. Do you ever have a guest that comes on and they say don’t ask this or that?

Craig: Item Ryan Seacrests of the world?

Ryan: Well, they set it up like that. It’s sting, and I’m just a little boy. Don’t read into that.

Craig: What are you like 5 foot 7?

Ryan: Come on. I wore boots on purpose because — anyway, Sting I had two cups of coffee, so sting, so we walk in and he let me sing along with him to a Police song. One of my favorite people. Then there was a bad story.

Craig: Tell the bad one.

Ryan: Sure. You want to hear the bad one.

Craig: Was this someone you were disappointed in?

Ryan: Any R.E.M. Fans? By the way after this story I’ll never have them again on my show. But I grew up in Atlanta and grew up in Athens and Michael Stipe got on the phone with me and I heard this rumor about him driving a Volvo around town and said I got to ask you right out of the gate, did you drive a Volvo station wagon? And he said “f” off.

Craig: Really?

Ryan: Yeah. Right there.

Craig: Well, he was a little cranky.

Ryan: There’s thing like you could maintain composure and I said I can’t talk to you. I can’t do the interview. So he felt bad and came out and performed live on the show. But when you look up to somebody and you’re really excited about meeting someone and people have their bad days but it was kind of a let down.

Craig: It was a kind of bad open question though. By the way, there are delicate questions —

Ryan: They told you that? Craig: I’m not even asking the delicate question.

Ryan: Just ask it.

Craig: No. I would not ask it. I don’t care. I could give a rat’s ass. But tell them what the question is.

Ryan: People ask me, I think from the radio show and also from being on “American Idol,” people ask me if I’m gay.

Craig: I said don’t rush over that.

Ryan: They ask me if I’m gay, no. If you’re gay. They say but dude, you highlight your hair and you like — you say you like to shop and go to the tanning bed and you like all these things, you must like the male penis, and it’s fine if you do like the male penis, but just because I do those things —

Craig: Clint Eastwood is on next week. We can’t have this vibe in the studio. No. That’s fine. The show, congratulations, aren’t you guys on the cover of “Entertainment Weekly”?

Ryan: Yes. In a few weeks we’re going to find out who wins this thing.

Craig: Well, everybody’s grooving on the show.

Ryan: Thanks.

Craig: Ryan Seacrest. We’ll be right back after this.

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