Ryan Reynolds Planning To Ask Alanis Morissette To Marry

According to The National Enquirer, Alanis Morissette’s boyfriend Ryan Reynolds recently sneaked into Tiffany’s and spent $40,000 on a three carat-plus diamond ring. He plans on popping the question on June 1st, Morissette’s birthday.

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5 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Planning To Ask Alanis Morissette To Marry

  1. zion j. rider says:

    Hi there Alanis please call Robb before you make these kind of decisions. if you are in love and happy without me understood and I will be happy for you if you really love me you will call me. 707~[removed by admin] all of my love to you…

  2. debra/gypsie says:

    Hey there,was not sure where to write,somewhat confused…Hope all is well.I may have to wait 24hrs.to change my password…believe or not I forgot it. lol hopefully tomorrow my new password will be set.I never used this e-mail address so I’m not surprise that I can’t remember the password.I continue to love your music!i am still a fan…adoring you truly

  3. debra/gypsie says:

    Will be leaving to NYC soon,,,#THEN!

  4. debra/gypsie says:

    I hope it is safe to this I am taking a chance.. damn it I love you… I am hurting enough! Are you being vindictive? Your voice don’t appear that way.. You have a voice of an angel! Write to me…please!!!now!if you can see within me the pain why are you hurting me. I am sorry truly.

  5. debra/gypsie says:

    I am leaving for NYC soon…to start over,and to publish if possible a book…God willing…this is my dream!to let the truth be known… I can really use a friend right now…sorry for writing so much..peace!

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