Ryan Seacrest Goes Under The ‘Are You Gay?’ Gun

‘American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest was on KROQ for an interview with Kevin & Bean, which was a surprise considering he works for a competing radio station in Los Angeles too (esp. since Seacrest is on Clear Channel and Kevin & Bean are on Infinity). It sounds like Ryan has signed on to be the permanent fill-in for Rick Dees, perhaps grooming him to be a replacement. They goofed on how back Rick was. They pounded him on the ‘are you gay?’ question, and Ryan repeatedly said he wasn’t, and he isn’t bi either. They also grilled him on the Kathy Griffin incident, since Kathy had called and explained her side to Kevin & Bean earlier. Ryan says he and former ‘Idol’ co-host Brian Dunkleman didn’t see eye to eye but they do get along. Ryan talked about vacationing with Simon Cowell and how Mr. Nasty is getting plenty of tail, proving being a celebrity is the key to getting chicks since he isn’t very attractive and has gained weight. Audio has since been removed.

Simon Cowell Comments On Final 30 Idols

January 30, 2003 – Extra TV caught up with Simon Cowell after the final thirty singers were chosen for ‘American Idol’. In regards to weeding out most of the hopefuls, Simon said, “We’re not drowning puppies. We’re just telling bad singers that you’re really bad singers.” One of those final 30 was the big voiced and big framed Frenchie, whom Simon doesn’t give high hopes for making the final 10. “I would be surprised if some of the overweight people don’t make the top ten,” he sniffed. Read more.

CBS ‘Star Search’ Ad Brings ‘American Idol’ Threat

January 30, 2003 – The New York Post reports ‘American Idol’ producers are threatening legal action against CBS and the producers of ‘Star Search,’ which was sparked by a promotional ad for the CBS talent show that features the phrase: Who will be ‘The Next American Teen Idol’? ‘Idol’ producers sent a letter to CBS and ‘Star Search’ producers demanding they “cease and desist” using the ad.

Watch Simon Cowell’s Worst Singer In The World

January 29, 2003 – Extra TV showed the highlights of last night’s ‘American Idol’ and previewed tonight’s episode. On Tuesday night, Simon Cowell branded Keith the worst singer he’s ever witnessed. “I think you are possibly the worst singer in the world and I’m absolutely serious,” Simon said of the Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ performance. “I’ve never heard anything like that in my life. Ever!” Video has since been removed.

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