Ryan Starr And Celebrities Comment On ‘American Idol’

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ryan Starr at the MTV Studios in New York after she got the boot last week from ‘American Idol’. Ryan says losing on tv won’t stop her from chasing her dreams. “It was going to come sooner or late and somebody had to be cut. And it ended up being me. I really enjoyed my time on the show.” She added, “I definitely have opportunities in my life.” Simon has expressed an interest in working with Starr, as she revealed, “We talked after the show and he told know give him a call and to talk — we’re going to talk in about five days about some career perspectives.” On the subject of her personal life, Ryan admitted, “I never had a boyfriend, actually. It is probably a shock. But i don’t date very often.”

Celebrities such as Carmen Electra commented from the Teen Choice Awards, “I’m sad Ryan was voted off. She was cute and had great style.” Ryan tells Carmen, “I’ll be back and come on strong. I’m definitely going pursue my career. I won’t give up. She won’t be bummed for very long.” Actress Susan Sarandon said of the show, “Of course we watch ‘American Idol.’ Of course.” Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean is a fan of the show too, “Simon gets me into it because he’s such a great, arrogant ass.” AJ and fiance added, “If there is something important we have to do, we’ll cancel. Watching ‘American Idol.’ Sorry. The competition is narrowing down. It is getting exciting. It is getting a lot of attention.” Carmen Electra has high hopes for all the finalists careers, “Look at all the publicity these people have gotten from being on the show. They’re in magazines and they get this television exposure. So I definitely think it can help launch their career.”

‘American Idol’ Contestants Have 3 Months Tied To BMG

August 4, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ judge and BMG boss Simon Cowell explained to Entertainment Weekly why the singers in the show are contractually forbidden to record for another label for at least three months. “If we didn’t have that protection you’d have all the runners-up running off to other record labels,” Cowell explains. “I’ve always thought it fair that the winner has to have their moment of glory on their own.” The full story at ew.com has since been removed.

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