Ryan Starr Gives Phone Number To Tobey Maguire

Ousted ‘American Idol’ contestant was on the Howard Stern Show this morning and revealed that she had given her phone number to ‘Spider-Man’ star Tobey Maguire recently. Starr admitted that guys don’t even hit on her. She said that a couple of guys came on to her in high school but it was never the good looking guys. She went on to say that she has dated guys but she’s only been kissed. Howard said that her body is going to waste. As for Tobey, she claimed that he just got her phone number and he wasn’t hitting on her. Howard said she’s very naive because that’s what guys do. He said Tobey probably has her on his long list… he’ll call and call until she breaks down and he takes her virginity. Ryan doesn’t believe that’s what he’s up to though.

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