Ryan Starr Stops By MTV’s TRL

Ryan Starr, the latest finalist to be voted off ‘American Idol’ stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk to Damien about her experience on the show and what she plans on doing next. Ryan wouldn’t comment on who she thought would win, and said was her best friend on the show. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: help me in welcoming the most recent performer to bite the
dust unfortunately it is miss ryan sta.. get out here


Damien: Stand over here. Right over here this is the way we must do
it. How are ya ‘ever think you would be on trl.

Ryan: Bite the dust, what do you mean.

Damien: Use that microphone.

Ryan: I didn’t bite the dust.

Damien: I know that’ what I’m thinki a lot of people are like starr,
she lost but if you think about it you made it to the last 7 that’s not
really losing.

Ryan: And I got really far and I had a lot of fun I had fun, fun


Damien: Now tell me, I want to get into this, this is really interesting,
I’ve only seen like two episodes, I watched last week andhe judges are
just — especiall simonhe’s just so c and cruel paula abdul, kinda luke
blanketing you giving a — give a description on and how you felt after
they critiqued you.

Ryan: I think definitely s of course is harsh but not where he’s unhonest
I mean thaw.

Damien: Honesty goes a long way.

Ryan: The eyes and ears of the public he sees what they see.

Damien: You did your performance, I saw it. I thought it was pretty
song. What didn’t they like about it, the deal.

Ryan: The last performance, I think they really enjoyed it. I thought
it was solid, too. Very well done. I think the performance before got me
cut I kinda faltered, messed up a bit the week before.

Damien: Simon, bashing everybody loved you right. He said call me.

Ryan: He definitely believes in me. I think he as myself think I need
a little re-work you know I’m not a huge star yet. I’m not ready. I’m still
workin’ on it.

Ryan: Mar touring, newer tring yourself.

Ryan: Still becoming a star, yes.

Damien: We’ll talk more about that in a minute hang out and have fun.
You like vanessa carlton.

Ryan: Huh.

Damien:  Vanessa carlton?

Ryan: She’s great.

Damien: ‘Got to respect her music, down two today, though “ordinaryay”
continues to gatheres here no. It is vanessa on trl


Damien: No. 5 vanessa carlton “ordinary day” and I got ryan starr from
“american idol” and let’s role that clip of you getting — simon talking
about you like he just praiseing you. We have that? Take a peek.

Simon: Ryan, you are the first of the artists I would say call me any
time you want for whatever help you want because I actually think you can
achieve what you want to do. You’ve earned so much in this competition


Damien: Goodness, were you crying. My god. That definitely deserves
applause. Were you crying right there.

Ryan: Yeah. I’ma miss the kids a lot.

Damien: Who was your favorite to hang out.

Ryan: Of the kids.

Damien: Don’t say justin, the hair angers me.

Ryan: Jim was actually my favorite but got cut early on.

Damien: Did you ever want to cut justin’s hair back-stage.

Ryan: No it’s his thing.

Damien: Maybe a strange fascination I have. Which do you think will
win, that’s the big question.

Ryan: I don’t know.

Damien: Any guesses.

Ryan: No they are all amazing at this point and growing and building,
you can see from the beginning.

Damien: She’s trying to be politically correct.

Ryan: No. Really they tear it up.

Damien: All right what the hell are a winner in my books thanks for
stoppin’ by and hangin’ out. Nice to meet you. Talk to the kids.

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