S Club Torn Apart By Furious Infighting

An insider blew the lid off the reason split with News of the World, centering around the bitter feud between Tina Barrett, jealous over the attention bandmate received. “The main problem was Tina. She was S Club’s version of the Spice Girls’ —none of the others liked her,” the source revealed. “As well as dubbing her The Plank because they reckoned she was a bit slow they also called her Space Cadet—because they thought she was on another planet. Tina got fed up with Rachel being the perfect pop princess—what with her stunning looks and the celebrity boyfriend, Jeremy Edwards of Holby City. Rachel would always be the last to turn up for make-up, yet somehow always got them to do her first so she didn’t have to wait. That really needled Tina and the feud just developed.”

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