S Club’s Rachel Stevens Gets Role In ‘Suzie Gold’

The Sun reports hottie Rachel Stevens signed a six-figure deal to star in the $16 million Hollywood movie ‘Suzie Gold’, starring Summer Phoenix. In the film Rachel plays a demanding diva from a fictional pop group called M5. “Doing my scenes was great fun and I loved being on a movie set,” she said. “I might play a diva but she is honestly nothing like me in real life.” She added, “I still love singing but I definitely want to do more acting in the future.” Read more.

Rachel Stevens Says Bandmate Jo Isn’t Prego

November 7, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports have denied rumors that bandmate Jo O’Meara is pregnant. Despite Jo missing a promo gig, Rachel said, “She is not pregnant. She has a bad back, that’s all.”

S Club’s Rachel Fears Elevators

September 14, 2002 – The Mirror reports S Club beauty Rachel got a rush of fear when told the band would be doing a photo shoot for their new album on the roof of Safeway’s HQ in Middlesex. Stevens suffers from a fear of elevators and was forced to go up and down 12 flights of stairs to do the photo shoot, as her bandmates waited after riding the lift.

S Club 7’s Rachel As Short As S Club Juniors

April 22, 2002 – The Sun reports Rachel of S Club 7 is so short she had to use a telephone book when she was photographed with the mini version of the group – the S Club Juniors. Thirteen year old Calvin Goldspink, 13, said:

When I had my picture taken with Rachel, she had to stand on a copy of the Yellow Pages. She was wearing high heels, but she was the same size as me.

Most fan sites are listing Rachel as being 5′ 2″.

Pop Stars Flock To Sheepskin Coats

December 13, 2001 – The Sun reports several stars such as Britney Spears, Atomic Kitten’s Liz McLarnon and Natasha Hamilton, and Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 have taken to the latest fashion craze by wearing sheepskin coats made famous in the UK by BBC football commentator John Motson.

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