Sabi Offers Vintage And DIY Fashion Tips

Pop singer Sabi talks fashion

stars in a short fashion series centered around her unique style for The Warner Sound. The singer shows off three different looks for five different themes in a series of two part episodes. Sabi shows viewers how she puts together affordable vintage fashion looks with some do it yourself tips, and shows how to look for the hidden treasures at thrift and consignment stores in ‘Found My Swag with Sabi’.

says, “I love fashion. Fashion is so much fun, but you don’t have to shop at a high end store to get great looks. I found some of my freshest stuff at vintage stores, consignment stores, it’s amazing really. A true fashionista knows how to mix high and lows.”

Sabi wearing a converted vestTalking about extending the life of some clothes she’s not into anymore, explained, “I’m kind of guilty of not being able to let go of things, and I hate throwing away clothes that are perfectly fine. If they’re a pair of jeans and they’re not in style anymore, it’s as simple as this. Take a knife or something and mess it up. Use some scissors or sandpaper and then you kind of have a whole new vibe on the clothes and then you can rock it. The things I’ve experimented on that I’ve never done before I get from a vintage shop because it’s cheap. If I mess it up and I don’t like it, oh well, I only spent 5 dollars.”

Showing fans one of her favorite shops, Sabi said, “Going through vintage stores is like the treasures are hidden and you have to look through everything to find some cool stuff, but when you find something cool, it’s really cool.”

Sabi concludes, “Style is all about having fun and being yourself. You’ve gotta take risks. Hello? It’s supposed to be fun.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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