Saint Etienne Hopeful For Top 40 Inclusion

Saint Etienne 'Method of Modern Love' single cover

Bob Stanley of checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@saintetienne) on Friday (February 6), talking about the prospects for their new single ‘Method of Modern Love’. Stanley tells readers:

We’re hopeful that Method Of Modern Love might nudge the Top 40 next week. Everything’s crossed. Buy one for your mum!

Chances are it won’t be number one. I’ve undertaken a project to listen to every number one from this decade, one a day. It started ignominiously with Westlife’s I Have A Dream, and has so far included one song of which I have no recollection (Geri Halliwell’s Bag It Up, presumably a warning to dog walkers). Yesterday it was Oxide & Neutrino’s Bound 4 Da Reload which sounds brilliant and hilarious at 9 years distance. Probably just as well we’re snowed out of the studio today, or who knows what retro-futurist direction we’d be heading in.

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