Sales Or Talent?

Contributed anonymously:

Sales or talent? That’s the question. Ever since I’ve been coming on this website, that’s all I’ve been reading. It’s all about Britney Spears’ sales and Christina Aguilera’s talent, isn’t it? First of all, I’m not defending anyone of them and this is why…

-If I were to defend Christina, every Britney fan would bash me in the comments, they would bring up sales and publicity to defend their queen.

I’d say:
Sales aren’t everything, you know. It would be the last thing I’d think of an artist as. It’s just business. Talent is the first thing I think of an artist as. Many hate Christina simply because they are just Britney fans, vice versa. Christina has sold. It’s not like she could only sell two copies or something. Britney has just sold more because of 4 studio albums…FOUR! Versus TWO. Many compare X-Tina’s STRIPPED to BRITNEY, and IN THE ZONE. Why not compare it to OOPS!…I DID IT AGAIN? Well, the basic reason is the time frame. Stripped was released one year after BRITNEY, and a year before ITZ. OOPS…was released nearly 3 years before stripped. There was less illegal downloading, and burning music. This is why people compare STRIPPED to BRITNEY and ITZ.

The message is that an artist should have a good balance of everything. Album sales, awards, talent, credibility…that is what truly makes a superstar.

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