Sally Anthony Reacts To Barack Obama Election Win

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sallyanthonypage) on Tuesday (November 11), which happened to be her birthday. The Indiana pop singer weighed in on Barack Obama’s election victory last week, telling readers:

I just wanna give big ups to Obama!!! I’m beyond thrilled and honored that he’s going to be our 44th President. Most importantly, the first African-American President in US history! It’s about time. Having an African-American daughter myself, that was a proud day for me as well. I hope we get out of this War, because no one wins in a war. I also hope that Obama will bring some light and awareness to what’s going on in Africa. Of course, Darfur is terrible, with the genocide going on there; but all of Africa needs help. Those children need our help. I guess the key word here, is Hope.

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