Sally Field Comments On Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Picture Controversy

Sally Field visited ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Friday night, where the veteran actress was asked about whether she had heard about the controversial pictures in Vanity Fair magazine. “I did. I didn’t look for them. They just – you know, if you happened to be watching the television you couldn’t miss it,” Field said. “I have two little granddaughters, and over Christmas we were together. I watched 1,000 episodes of ‘Hannah Montana’, which is truly wonderful. It’s just divine. And she’s a very talented young career ahead of her. So she’s going to do things that the audience doesn’t like. And I think in this moment, Disney was upset. It’s a huge franchise, and I understand all of that. All of that I get. But I mostly get how hard it must be for her right now, saying, ‘Yikes, did I do the wrong thing?’ And she’s got to figure out who she is outside of ‘Hannah Montana’. Where is her life and her career going to go? She’s a young woman. She’s 15. Yes, that’s very young. But it’s also Leibovitz. I’m sorry, but if Annie Leibovitz told me to get in the satin sheets, I’d say, ‘Annie, whatever you say, Annie.’ I mean, she’s a tremendously talented artist.” Asked if Annie had ever photographed her, Field responded, you? “I think she has a couple of times, and basically I said, ‘Whatever you want, Annie. Whatever you want. I’ll do whatever you want’.”

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