Samantha Ronson Discusses Blog Critical Of Sarah Palin

Samantha Ronson updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@samantharonson) on Sunday (September 15) following criticism of a post about Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin, which was mainly written by her rumored girlfriend Lindsay Lohan but Sam did include a blurb fearing her green card wouldn’t be renewed just after it was reported Palin was a member of a church with a “pray away the gay” stance on homosexuality and had targeted gay tolerant books for removal at the Wasilla, Alaska public library as the town’s mayor. Ronson writes:

For those of you who can’t seem to focus on the issues… kinda why Lindsay wrote her blog in the first place… I didn’t write that blog- I piped in every now and then and added my two cents, mainly the bit at the end where I said that the quote was mine. She wrote that blog on set, did the research and then wrote the damn thing while I was miles and miles away in San Francisco, I posted the blog on my page because I felt like everyone should see it because she had some very valid points.

Up until Palin was selected as McCain’s running mate I felt no need to say who I thought should win in November, as long as everyone at least got out and voted for who they thought was the best choice to run this country. After Lindsay pointed out how frightening Palin is I decided that I wasn’t going to remain impartial and posted her blog on my page. That’s all. I’m English, I can’t vote here. If I could I would vote for Obama, that’s all.

More importantly, Tina Fey was brilliant last night!!!

Hopefully after November she won’t need to make anymore cameos, I can just enjoy her comedy on 30 Rock.

Take care all,

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