Samantha Ronson Sidesteps Lindsay Lohan Questions

In a new interview with Harpers Bazaar, siblings Mark, Samantha and Charlotte Ronson talk about tabloids, Amy Winehouse, and not so much Sam’s rumored girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. “I’m not going to talk about Lindsay because she’s my friend, you know?” Samantha said. “She’s great. She’s also 22 years old. I think people forget that. With the internet the way it is, one second we’re enemies, one second we’re best friends, one second we’re lovers, and then we’re broken up.” Samantha also said she doesn’t like reading about her rumored exploits. “I stay away from the tabloids,” the 31-year-old DJ said. “I don’t feel that I should personally have to defend myself to a magazine that I’m not a drug addict. I don’t do drugs. I don’t sell pictures of my friends.” Check out the interview here.

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  1. kallh says:

    Samantha is cool…

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