Same Difference Discuss ‘X Factor’ Experience

‘The X Factor’ third place finishers dropped by Radio City 96.7 in Liverpool, England, talking about their experience on the show. Siblings Sean and Sarah Smith said they were happy to be mentored by Simon Cowell and admitted the show’s judges have a big influence on the voting public.

“He’s the person where it’s his show, so he’s got the upper hand, where if he wants to make you look really, really great he can. At least he’s on your side,” Sarah said about Simon.

Talking about their ‘High School Musical’ track ‘Breaking Free’, Sean said, “It put us on the map, that song. The first one was ‘Here Or There’, it was one of those songs that kind of managed to get us through, one of the worst, we were nowhere near the best, that kind of thing. Then that song just kind of gave us our audience that we kept with us the whole time. It’s worked for us so far, just fingers crossed when the single and album come out that they stick by us.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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