Sandi Thom “Cant Stop Crying” Over Toots’ Alleged Shooting Death

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Tuesday (April 14), offering an update on allegations that her beloved cat Toots was shot. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

The gig at the Blues Festival last night was great, a sell out, but very tough to get through, as soon as I came off stage I ran back to the hotel room to check my phone for news as that’s what I’ve been doing since the day she went missing and then it hit me and I remembered that she was gone, I think it’s all sinking in now and I cant stop crying. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and bring her back. I hope to God that I find her remains so I can bring her back home, I hate to think that she’s been “disposed” off in some cold way. We now know the area where she was buried so my family’s up there tonight all night with the dog digging to see if we can find her.

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