Sandi Thom Fills Sean Connery’s Christmas Stocking

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Wednesday (January 7), previewing her upcoming tour and learning that her CD was given to actor and fellow Scot Sean Connery for Christmas. The singer songwriter tells readers:

So the tour is coming along rather nicely… Really looking forward to it… In fact I’m absolutely ecstatic about it!!

I’m totally flippin dying to let the cat out of the bag about my special guests!!! Argh! But I can’t its got to be a secret… how annoying!!! But I can tell you that my guests are incredibly talented stars of Scotland who were all very familiar with! That’s all I’m saying…. you’ll have to just come to the gigs to discover who the guests are!! I’m especially excited about the Glasgow and Dundee gigs… Got some killer guests for these two shows!!!

I have to say I read the papers this morning about the first minister giving Sir Sean Connery my CD for Xmas!! That’s so cool. I take great pleasure in filling Sir Sean’s stocking!!!! Ha ha!!!

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