Sandi Thom Finishes Fourth Album In Nashville

checked in with her Twitter followers (@Sandi_Thom) on Wednesday (May 25) after she wrapped up recording her fourth album in Nashville, Tennessee. The Scottish singer songwriter also talked about dealing with tornadoes that have hit the region. Sandi writes:

Its finished!!!!! The 4th album is officially done. We are printing the tracks now so there’s no turning back. I am so freaking proud. ST xx

Well just as we thought it was over, a tornado warning was just announced and just as we left the studio we got caught in the biggest ……

Scariest hail storm I’ve ever seen. I stopped the car because it was too dangerous to drive and honestly thought one of those hail stones…

Was going to come through the windscreen. So here we are back at the studio, all together again, after the long goodbye. !!

Nashville is on tornado warning til 4am tonight. We are all held up at the studio. Can’t drive anywhere. Too dangerous.

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2 thoughts on “Sandi Thom Finishes Fourth Album In Nashville

  1. semilinasam says:

    Well hopefully this one will top the magnificent 118 in the charts that the last one managed to peak at.
    Fighting off rumors about the boyfriends infidelity with someone on Twitter this week can’t be doing her self esteem any good.
    His endorsement and influence in the business is the only thing keeping her career alive these days.

  2. Pablo Honey says:

    Her last album wasn’t that bad, not brilliant but not bad.
    She isn’t going anywhere fast though and I think even she has realized this. Marriage and kids will put paid to the career pretty soon I should think.
    She had one hit and she can always say that.

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