Sandi Thom Hurt By Scottish Arts Council SXSW Snub

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Monday (March 16) while in Austin, for SXSW. The Scottish singer songwriter opened up about her displeasure over a decision to not include her among the acts being supported by the Scottish Arts Council. Thom writes:

I’ve just arrived in Austin, for the big music festival SXSW totally thrilled to be here. can’t wait for the crazy week ahead, I’ve got so much to cram in, so many peeps to meet so its gonna be a hell of an exhausting week.

Although, I’m pretty upset about the fact that the Scottish Arts Council said no to me performing on the Scottish stage.

Last year when I approached them they were really lovely and seemed very keen on the idea of me playing but since then for some bizarre reason they’ve changed their minds and said it’s because I live in England?? But I have a house in Scotland and was registered at SXSW from the beginning as a Scottish artist? Besides, Primal Scream live in England and they’re playing the Scottish stage!!! I’m really confused and hurt by their decision cos I think there’s another reason for it and they won’t tell me.

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One thought on “Sandi Thom Hurt By Scottish Arts Council SXSW Snub

  1. Emma says:

    Of course she doesn’t mention that the people of Scotland paid out of their taxes for her to go sing one song at the Washington Library on behalf of the Scottish Government or that she was paid to sing at the offical burns night celebration that Alex Salmond appeared at…no Sandi Thom has now become a profesional Scot! She is big friends with the First minister and most of her paid work comes from that direction these days, Her tour was a mighty flop as well. Every now an again she comes out with contreversial statements in the hope the press will run with them otherwise no one knows she exists. Even her record label RCA dumped her in February because she is no good, but she has kept really quiet about that one hasn’t she?

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