Sandi Thom On Why She Webcast Her Concerts

‘Popworld’ caught up with for a Q&A and asked the singer what prompted her to webcast her concerts. “Like other artists I’ve done my fair share of touring,” she said. “I do really enjoy doing live gigs, I just kind of thought web casting was a good idea. The amount of money it costs to put on a tour, webcasts are a much cheaper way of performing to people.” But those involved in live streaming of web video would strongly counter claims that providing bandwidth and server load for 70,000 connections as Thom has suspiciously claimed to draw is anything but cheap, shattering those claims into ‘A Million Little Pieces’. Asked how she got such a large amount of people to watch her webcasts, the “James Frey of pop” responded, “I just posted it on my MySpace account and on my website. It was a complete shock how much attention it attracted. During the first couple of gigs there were about 672 watching and I was quite surprised at that. Then it just went out of control.”

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