Sandi Thom Rants About Parking Pests

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Thursday (August 7), reminding them of ‘Saturday Night’, the second release off her sophomore album, is out in the UK on August 25th, and vented about parking enforcement. “Yesterday I went to get my parking permit for our London flat from this parking shop up the road and I swear to God I was in that shop less than two minutes and when I came outside my car was being clamped and lifted on to the back of a lorry,” Thom writes. “I mean, for God sake how ridiculous is that! I then pleaded with the removal man who showed me no mercy then the traffic cops turned up and saved the day!! They said to this dude that he was being totally out of order and to release the care at once!!! Hurray!!! What a bloody drama… I tell you what I want a word with Gordon Brown cos the roads in London are governed so heavily cos the government makes heaps of money out of praying on the public and giving them tickets after being a second late! And, look at the state of the roads!!! I think everybody in the country should refuse to pay road tax until they loosen the reigns slightly!!”

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