Sandi Thom Weighs In On Media Coverage Of Swine Flu

has begun her very first newspaper column in the Scottish Evening Express. The singer songwriter will be expressing her views on current events every Wednesday, with the first column focusing on the swine flu epidemic and how it’s the latest situation to keep the public in fear. Sandi writes:

This week, as I find myself in the States, it’s swine flu.

The US media and all its TV, papers, mags and websites, is controlled by just a handful of people … and the rest of us just follow their lead.

That’s quite worrying don’t you think? Sort of like history is written by the victors.

The entire story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Sandi Thom Weighs In On Media Coverage Of Swine Flu

  1. Emma says:

    If you beleive Sandi Thom is the Author of that piece then id say think again! Nothing that Thom has written in any of her blogs online is anything like the style of this article, Its obvious that someone else has written this and her name tagged on to the end. Id bet that a lot of this piece comes from the hand of her mother Josophine Riley who works in PR and management on behalf of her daughter and has spent most of Thoms career making up ridiculous claims and statements to feed to the press keep her name in the public eye. No this definately wasn’t done by Thom, the style of writing is completely different and its just the tail end of an inglorious and at times shameless attempt at keeping her name somehow/somewhere in the public eye, Let it go Sandi, the gravy train has come off the rails.

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