Sanjaya Malakar Attends Dodger Game, Gets Booed

Star magazine reports that when ‘’ finalist attended game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 14), he was met with an unpleasant reaction from baseball fans when the stadium’s cameras were trained on the much maligned reality show star. “He was just sitting there having a good time with his friends, just like a regular person,” an eyewitness who was at the game tells the tabloid. “And when the Dodger camera noticed him the camera guy ran over and taped him. Sanjaya’s face pops up on the big screen right away. At first he smiled, he seemed to like the attention. But when the entire crowd at the stadium started to boo–and it was loud!–his smile faded a bit and his eyes looked sad. It’s like he was trying to keep a fake smile on, but you could tell he was crestfallen. He just kept waving and smiling for a few seconds more then his image went off the screen.”

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