Sara Bareilles Bawled Like A Baby Watching ‘Anvil’

Sara Bareilles sitting in the grass

Sara Bareilles checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarabareilles) on Thursday (May 21), echoing the thoughts of about the metal band documentary ‘Anvil’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I just watched the movie ANVIL. It’s unbelievable. It made me want to perm my hair and join a metal band and move to Czechoslovakia and play shows in underground pubs and write songs about leather.

I knew nothing about the band, but saw the preview and immediately was super excited to see it. It seriously is an incredible documentary. For such a seemingly hardcore subject matter, this movie is poignant and tender, capturing moments where you truly see how very deeply these men care about this band and each other. I bawled like a baby. (shocker of the year.)

I sound like a freaking advertisement, but seriously it was an awesome movie.

That’s all.

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