Sara Bareilles Feeling Inspired & Grateful On Tour

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarabareilles) last night with an update on her tour with Counting Crows and Maroon 5. Sara writes:

I’m just wanting to say a quick hello and I love you and holy sh*t this is the coolest tour ever. We are almost at the end of our little honeymoon tour with Counting Crows and Maroon 5. I can’t say enough good things about how inspired I feel, and how grateful I am for having been able to be a part of this tour.

We are performing at these huge beautiful Amphitheaters which are usually positioned a good little jaunt outside a major city, which makes running errands and doing normal city things really difficult, but it breeds boredom, which breeds friendship. :)

It’s so crazy, but if you think about it, the actual amount of time we spend on stage is a very small percentage of the day. We are literally like a bunch of kids at summer camp but without the cool activities like archery to take up our time. So we throw Frisbees and sit in dressing rooms and eat way too much and laugh and actually get to know each other. I think this is my favorite summer camp ever.

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