Sara Bareilles Names Her New Album ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’

Sara Bareilles holding tickets

checked in with fans on her official web site on Tuesday (June 1), explaining the title of her upcoming album ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’. The American singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m officially announcing the name of the Record!
(drumroll, please.)

It’s called: “Kaleidoscope Heart”

(roaring applause and ooohs and aaahs like the audience is looking at a floating pink elephant that speaks Portuguese, please.)

I picked out the name of the record months before I even finished writing the songs. I love the imagery of those words, and they’re really representative of how I envision my heart. It’s a colorful but fragmented, ever-changing sum of all the bits and pieces that make it up. A Kaleidoscope is the tool that helps make sense of the mess. Or at least makes it nice to look at. :)

More importantly I named this record “Kaleidoscope Heart” because, like my last name, people will misspell the sh*t out of it.

There’s beauty in that.
Or at least I remain mildly amused by it.

I hope you like it….


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