Sara Diamond Already Out Of Clique Girlz?

Clique Girlz

More turmoil with the Clique Girlz, with new member Sara Diamond no longer being featured on the girl group’s MySpace (@cliquegirlz) or official web site. Images at each location feature sisters Paris and Destinee Monroe.

Meanwhile, former member Ariel Moore got spanked by lawyers for attempting to put up a highlight reel of her participation with the group. She writes in a comment at Clique Girlz Media:

I’m leaving this comment on this site to apologize for what’s about to happen I just got a message from YOU KNOW WHO’S Attorney’s stating that I need to take down the new video that i posted (The compilation of my fans video’s . The ones that have of me performing with the Clique Girlz))The say that that they own the rights to them and that and I must take them down.I am not sure why after 5 years long/ hard-working years with them that they would make me do this ?????? I guess I just don’t have the rights now.

Clique Girlz In Rehearsals

April 8, 2009 – Clique Girlz TV episode 45 features Paris and Destinee Monroe and new member Sara Diamond during a dance rehearsal and a preview of their KIWI Radio acoustic performance. Watch it via the pop trio’s YouTube channel below.

Clique Girlz Visit New York City’s Palace Hotel

April 2, 2009 – Clique Girlz TV episode 44 features Paris and Destinee Monroe, and Sara Diamond at the Palace Hotel in New York City, visiting the kitchen where they filmed ‘Gossip Girl’ and getting to meet some of the employees. They were presented with an assortment of candies, none of which were Baby Bottle Pops. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Baby Bottle Pop Commercial & Behind The Scenes

March 31, 2009 – Clique Girlz are out with a commercial for Baby Bottle Pop, featuring the girls singing the the theme (“you can lick it and shake it and dunk it”) and talking about online codes available with the Lik-m-aid inspired sugary candy allowing access to online games. Watch it via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Recording ‘Turn Up The Volume’ With Rodney Jerkins

Paris and Destinee Monroe play a game as their new Clique Girlz bandmate Sara Diamond looks on while in the studio with Rodney JerkinsMarch 26, 2009 – Clique Girlz TV episode 43 features Paris and Destinee Monroe and Sara Diamond in the studio with Rodney Jerkins, recording the song ‘Turn Up The Volume’.

“Today we’re gonna do a song called ‘Turn Up The Volume’,” Jerkins said to an excited reaction from the girls. “The writer who wrote this song, she played it for everybody and everybody loves this song.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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28 thoughts on “Sara Diamond Already Out Of Clique Girlz?

  1. S. says:

    Excuse the hell out of me but WTF CAN’T she use a Clique Girlz video that she participated in????

    5 years working hard in that group doesn’t EARN HER THAT RIGHT????? to show a clip from A VIDEO THAT A FAN PERSONALLY MADE AT A CONCERT?????SHE BASICALLY FOUNDED THE DAM* GROUP! That is just beyond ridiculous…shows you what the poor girl had to deal with..She should be able to use videos that she’s in that were taken BY THE FANS that’s stupid and UNREASONABLE!!!!

    geez… how freaking petty can you get?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t believe that they are making such a big deal out of her using a freaking video with HER in it!!!! Obviously she’s the best of the 3 so she should just forget those jerks.

  3. Ross says:

    Don’t be fooled folks. Ariel’s father is putting all those compilation videos on his site to use to promote Ariel. I thought Ariel “quit” the Clique Girlz? Why does she keep using them to promote herself. And dead wrong!! Ariel didn’t start the group. Destinee and Paris were a duo, and Ariel’s father asked if she could join the group.
    Shows you can’t always believe the spin when you don’t hear from an unbiased source.

  4. Mickey says:

    I will admit to being very close to the situation. I am VERY good friends with the Moores ,, I will not lie about that.. Our daughters even go to dance together. I know allot of info although the Moores wont go into to much of why Ariel left. But this is what I do know !! Ariel was showing clips of her with the CGs to show support because everyone was hating on them and she was trying to help them out. SO, Let me get this straight ??? Her past with them doesn’t exist now because she HAD to leave the group for EXTREME PERSONAL REASONS ?? Now she can’t show videos ,,, mind you ,, her FANS made for her…?? I was told she was never allowed to mention any of the competitions she won or the Major League games she sang for because of people thinking she had a life before CGs .They even said she had a Record deal on the table before the girls formed a group. What had Destiny or Paris done before CGs ?? Except with Ariel of course… NOTHING…And how did they meet??? A vocal competition that Ariel Won .. It changes with every interview they do..God forbid.. I am so sick of people trying to hurt Ariel .. Ariel has moved on and she is with some amazing people now and doing great .. I guess Ariel being nice and trying to help them isn’t needed . FINE !! NO PROBLEM !! Honestly it is completely undeserved anyway.

  5. Brianna says:

    What the hell?? The Clique Girl are such bitches!! like really I am sorry that Ariel is a lot more successful then you are but there is no need for that stupid blond ****

  6. Allie says:

    Ariel was just as much a part of the Clique Girlz as the BRATS (Monroe sisters) were/are. Her fans made her the videos! She commented on my YouTube channel three times and I have talked to her a few times. She’s amazing, and Destinee and Paris plainly aren’t. They can’t handle the fact that they are the ones who cannot sing, aren’t pretty, are not smart, and who really should be locked up in a mental institution.

  7. someone says:

    OMG!!!! What the hell is wrong with the Clique Girlz!!!!! And they call themselves Christians!?!?! well I guess they are just deceiving themselves…. And I hope they know that all liars go to hell!!!!!! they need to stop being such annoying little brats…GET OVER IT!!!

  8. someone says:

    She was in the group she has a right to use videos that she was IN!!!!!! ugh this kind of stuff gets on my nerves!

  9. eileen says:

    omfg what the hell???!!! That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!!! let her live will you?

  10. Abigail says:

    I KNEW IT! I know Ariel and almost became the 3rd CG myself- we met their mother at the auditions. SHE IS INSANE and there is no doubt in my mind she destroyed this for Sara. Destiny and Paris are talented, but what a pity they have a raging lunatic @)(#$* for a stage mom.

  11. Teresa says:

    What were they thinking after all that hard work and they didn’t even let her talk lot.Oh my gosh Clique Girlz what is wrong with you?

  12. Gina says:

    wtf what happened why did Ariel leave more importantly what happened to Sara I mean it hasn’t been very long and she is already gone I guess its better people don’t have to stare at her ugly rats *ss looking self I mean I miss Ariel and she was way better then Sara I mean Sara looks like a monkey on crack!!!!!

  13. JERSEY4REAL says:


  14. Tamirra says:

    THOSE BLONDE BITCHES (excuse my language I’m not a curser) Ariel has a beautiful voice and she looks like Christina Aguilera a little so jealousy plays a part in this people. Destinee and Paris are so not gonna make it lol Ariel already has a solo song and it has nice comments. I’m glad Sara left because she probably was like “hell nah yaw not about to treat me like a loser. I quit bitches” (excuse me again)

  15. K.JEAGS says:

    Well lets see. The Monroe sisters, no more like the “DIVA’S FROM WANNA BE STARVILLE”, have so far knocked out 2 of there BEST singers. I don’t know who the hell would like the Clique Girlz without Ariel and Sara. Obviously Destinee and Paris are “wanna be pop stars” and want to keep all the glory to there selves. It is fu**ing ridiculous how they went through 2, not 1, but 2 amazing singers. I also don’t care what ANYONE says because those girls did not peacefully leave. they left because the 2 bitch sisters (Monroe’s) wanted to be in control and Sara and Ariel couldn’t, no no no, WOULDN’T take there sh** any longer. I hope Ariel & her sis Alexandria and Sara, make there own group and dominate the music world. they can tell them to go shove there non selling records up there stuck up *sses.

  16. catalina sayz says:

    OhMaGawd, I heard that Sara Diamond left too. I cannot believe those MFs. They get on my nerves. They can’t sing and they’re not even pretty. I hate them, they’re music, and they’re fake little gig. I hope they crash and burn at the same time

  17. juana says:

    I think they’re fu**in’ petty. They obviously had a fight. They are NOT as good as they think. I don’t get WHY they think they’re good and they are SO not. I was listened to a song, piss and darn sound like drowning rats.


  18. kat says:

    wtf??? ok if she was in those videos and her fans made it for her why can’t she use them??? I think the other too are just dam petty… I mean she was the damn videos she should use them… and Sara is already out WTF Something tells me the too are bitches that can’t work with anyone but themselves.

  19. DazzleMeorever says:

    Guys, it’s totally for the money. They don’t care whether she’s been with them for like 5 years. They’ll do anything to get more money and to rock he boat. I feel so bad for her =(

  20. Juliana-Rae says:

    Really.. Destinee and Paris are making BIG deals out of themselves just do be more “popular” but since they don’t have any friends (true thing and I can see why), they just lost their best friend (Ariel Moore) and I;m glad she left. but why did they make a big deal out of it. they will be going nowhere and no wonder they are so late with their albums. Well.. I can see why Ariel so so confused. I didn’t get it. stupid Douche bag Destinee and Paris are SO MEAN for doing this. Bunch of H**S and S***S.

  21. Anna says:

    Hi! I think that Ariel Moore left the Clique Girlz because she felt left out because Destinee and Paris sang lead. Destinee and Paris are staying together and making a worldwide search about finding the new member of the Clique Girlz for the popularity and the money. Besides, the new Clique Girlz suck without Ariel, because I have always thought that Ariel sang better than those losers. So EVERYONE reading this message HELP SUPPORT ARIEL by listening to her music online. Buy her online. The first time you guys hear her sing, you would love her immediately. Listen to her songs called “Up Against the Wall”, “Flip the Frequency”, and her first duet with her sister named Alexandria Nicole Moore called “Stronger.” The song “Stronger” is so beautiful. Also, HELP SUPPORT ALEXANDRIA NICOLE by listening to music. In conclusion, HELP SUPPORT ARIEL MOORE AND ALEXANDRIA NICOLE MOORE.

  22. something says:

    here’s the thing I went to camp with Sarah for 5 years and I know she can put up with a lot , the fact that she left this group means that they must have been really bitchy towards her . Sarah has a great voice and deserves so much better. The same goes for Ariel, I wish Sara luck in the future because she really has talent

  23. eldon says:


  24. Erika says:

    I feel bad for Ariel Moore and Sara Diamond. That’s not right what happened. I don’t know the whole story so I can’t say anything about anyone but I feel bad for Ariel and Sara! :(

  25. ariona says:

    this is stupid Ariel and Sara are just agh but I think Ariel should of stayed because Destinee and Paris do not mixed with Sarah come on no offense but 2 blondes with a black doesn’t mix Ariel should of stay she had a great voice and was very talented and no a joke the Clique Girlz called me and made me audition over the phone and they call back this week so I hope I get in bye!!! And Ariel I wish you good luck!!!!

  26. mischa says:

    Okay look y’all reading up on this and getting my information. but can’t y’all all see that when Ariel left the group for her personal reason. Which was to expand her own career and get treated better. They saw how much sympathy and buzz she received and instantly had to get some of that attention back. Through what ever means. To me this sounds like Destiny’s Child. Beyonce’s dad was in charge so the other girls weren’t receiving the same advantages. But hey look at how quickly Ariel’s career has started to take off. She don’t need them!

  27. anis says:

    Sara come back to the group please

  28. Shawana Adams says:

    Ariel Moore. I freaking LOVE her! (: Keep your head up baby girl…

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