Sarah Ferguson Reaches Out To Britney Spears

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is reaching out to in an interview with ‘Showbiz Tonight’. “I’m still going to go on reaching out to Britney. I like her,” the WeightWatchers pitchwoman told AJ Hammer. “I think she is a really – she is a good person. And I think she – you know, we all get lost. I got terribly lost, I made endless mistakes the press said and in fact, I’ve written a book of ‘Mistakes I Learned the Hard Way’. I really would love to help her. She keeps being lambasted and told it’s all negative and look at her behavior. When are they going to stop and say it’s OK, we’re here to support you? The American people gave me my second chance. Why don’t they calm down and give her a second chance? Let her heal herself. And I feel very strongly that we need to support her. She is in real trouble. What, are we all happy if something horrendous happens to her? Is that what is going to make us happy? The journalists have to take some responsibility. Stop chasing her. Let her get her life back.”

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