Sarah Harding Crashes Ferrari On Driving Reality Show

’s need for speed got a bit out of hand when the Girls Aloud star crashed a Ferrari for Channel 5’s driving show, ‘Fifth Gear’. A source said, “Sarah was going hell for leather, but she’s no Schumaker and ran into another car. The damage ran into several thousand pounds.”

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One thought on “Sarah Harding Crashes Ferrari On Driving Reality Show

  1. Jaybles says:

    Actually I think you’ll find she wasn’t travelling very fast at all, she was pulling out of a parking space and she turned too soon and dragged the side of the Ferrari, down the rear corner of a parked 4×4, which was being used by the camera crew. She wasn’t supposed to drive the Ferrari as it was race spec and diffcult for a novice tk drive. Even after having this explained Sarah Harding insisted on driving it. Doh!

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