Sarah Harding’s Secret Dates With Triple Eight’s Josh

The Mirror reports star has been stepping out on her relationship with Mikey Green from the struggling boyband , turning on her charms with Triple 8’s Josh Barnett. “She got close to Josh because both of their groups go to the same parties and perform at the same concerts,” a pal of Harding’s revealed. “She didn’t plan it. It just happened. Sarah’s young, pretty and in a successful band so she’s bound to have her pick of men. She really doesn’t want to be tied down.”

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Harding’s Secret Dates With Triple Eight’s Josh

  1. MusicFreak8181 says:

    who the hell are girls aloud and Triple 8?

  2. BeccaUK says:

    Girls Aloud and Triple 8 are two UK pop bands that haven’t really been around here for that long.

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