Sarah Hethcoat Shares Her Positive Side On ‘A New Day’

Sarah Hethcoat checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahhethcoat) on Tuesday (November 18), discussing her new song ‘A New Day’. The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

So my friend Nick surprised me with this beautiful montage he made with my song “A New Day” as the back ground music. It’s so beautiful & thoughtful, we thought instead of posting an original cover today we would post the montage that Nick made. You can view it here:

A New Day is a new song off of “Nobody Likes A Bully”… it’s a song that means a whole lot to me, for a whole lot of reasons. I wrote it with two people I respect very much, Randy Mitchell & Mary Beth Kedzior. The way it came about was really quite organic and beautiful. The song was inspired by my mother. For years she had been begging me to PLEASE write a song without the words “hurt, fear, anger… etc.” She’d say “Sarah, there is SOOO much more in your life than that, why do you always have to share the hurt… I want to see that positive side of you” So I finally delivered!!

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