Sarah Martin On Wedding & Kevin Richardson’s Birthday

Sarah Martin, fiance of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, told fans on her Loving Sarah Yahoo Group new details on their upcoming wedding, the surprise birthday party of Kevin Richardson, and their upcoming appearance on ‘Crossing Over’, which should air on Halloween. Sarah says, “Whats up people? I keep sneezing! I really quite enjoy sneezing. It kinda’ feels good, no? So hows my crew? Dude, I’m sorry about last night. I have tried to read some of the posts after mine last night. Maybe some of your suggestions will be helpful. Heres whats going on this very moment… Alex is in bed across the room (half asleep, but I keep seeing him look over every few seconds). I was just reading some of the newer messages to him. He’s got one big snoring ‘Byrd’ lying next to him, and our little Daisey is on the floor. Tank is in another bedroom down the hall snoring like a piglet!”

“We dealt with a lot of wedding stuff today. It’s gonna’ be awesome! Do you guys already know our ‘Wedding Song’? It’s ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ by Train. They will perform it for our “first dance”. I’m so hype!”

“We went to Kevins surprise B-day party this last weekend. It was great. We bought Kev a humungus wall clock for his new house (Alex says that now he’ll have no excuses showing up late). Kristin looked stunning as usual. And I think it was especially cool for Alex to see all the people from the tour again. They grow to be like family after spending so much time out there every day. I don’t think we took any pix, so I have none to share. But there are some other photos that I’ll be sharing with ya’ll soon.”

“We’re talking with some of the different press mags that we would like to have cover the wedding. It could get pretty crazy! We’ll see. Next week we are meeting with the caterers and videographers and I have to turn in our final guest list. Since we hit the 4 month mark, it’s starting to be “crunch time”.

Also, about the Crossing Over segment that we will be on. I just got word that our segment will be airing on Halloween. So we won’t easily forget that one. I just have to find out the stations and times and I’ll let you guys know first, ok?”

“Hey, I really wanna’ go see that movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. I’m hoping Alex will go. It’s kinda’ girly, I guess. He likes taking me to go see movies that freak me out!Very disturbing stuff,ya know? I’m more of a Terms of Endearment kinda chick. But we gotta’ meet each other half way, right?”

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